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The Ultimate Resource for Home Repair and Remodeling

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For homeowners that want to work on their own house, one of the biggest problems is just knowing what to do. Other home improvement books and the internet are good for making repairs or doing one partcular job, but aren’t much help when remodeling, where even a small project might require knowing how to do half a dozen different jobs. Since books generally only cover one subject, you’d need a stack of them for many projects.


That’s the reason for BUILDING TIPS FOR THE HOMEOWNER. 1. ONE BOOK, with everything you need to take on any project - from simple repairs, to finishing off the basement, remodeling a bathroom, building a deck, or even putting on an addition. 2. To show what it takes to do professional quality work, describing step-by-step, the best way to do each job and why, what to look for, and how to deal with some of the common problems that you’ll run into – Things a Pro takes for granted.

It’s the ultimate resource for home repair and remodeling with over 450 pages of easy to understand, in-depth instructions, plus hundreds of photos and drawings, on Framing - Wiring - Plumbing - Heating - StairsInsulation - Sheetrock - Doors - Trim - Flooring - Decks - and Much More. Includes information you won’t find anywhere else.




What if you don't plan on remodeling, and just want to make some repairs or do a few small projects around the house?

Even simple projects often require knowing how to do different types of work. They also tend to grow and become more complicated if you run into something that you didn't expect. By knowing how to do the different jobs, you'll be able to deal with any problems that come up. You'll also be able to take on larger projects and make changes to your home that you've always wanted - without having to pay someone else.


BUILDING TIPS FOR THE HOMEOWNER is available through the website, Amazon, and Google Play for the eBook version. Order a copy today. If you don't like it, just return it within 30 days in good condition.


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Facebook review

“Building Tips for the Homeowner” contains an unbelievable amount of detailed information, but not so detailed as to make it unreadable. It has a nice, readable flow that makes it quite easy to follow. Note that this is not a step-by-step primer. This is a text devoted to telling you in detail how to do something, as well as the why/why not, any options and common mistakes. The documenting of the mistakes and circumstances to watch out for are based on his experiences, lending further credibility to the information provided. The book makes extensive and very informative use of diagrams, photos and graphics, all of which advance the narrative of the job being discussed. If you want to know, really know, and be fully aware of how to do something, this 450+ page book is for you.

5-star Amazon review     Phenomenal Value and Outstanding Resource

"As a homeowner for over thirty years and a person who likes to do home improvements myself, this book is the first place I go to clarify concepts, validate my plan, and learn new things about home projects. I believe that if you are going to do any type of home improvement, it is important to do them the right way. Mr. Tschida takes a very practical and realistic approach to all of his tips. If I were to call one person about doing any type of remodel or improvement to my home, Mr. Tschida would be the kind of person I'd call first. I can honestly say, this is the book that I wish I had access to years ago."

 5-star Amazon review     Fantastic resource for DIY

"This is a great book for homeowners who do their own projects. I have used Neil Tschida's guidance and tips on many home projects and his insight has helped me save hundreds of thousands of dollars doing it myself versus hiring professionals. This book lays out processes in clear and understandable steps with detailed drawings and photography to illustrate concepts. The writing is straightforward and easily understandable to help with comprehension of complex topics. There is also plenty of depth and calculations in areas that are normally challenging for a normal homeowner to gain clarity. I also really appreciate the author's descriptions of his thinking into how and why certain techniques have more efficacy than others. Overall, this is a valuable tool for the do-it-yourselfer." 

5-star Amazon review     Comprehensive reference for the builder or homeowner


"This book is comprehensive. Neil covers just about anything you'd need to know to build or repair a house and provides plenty of picture and insight into why and how things are done. This is a great reference."

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